Hello world!

I am a wescued kitteh and I’m simply adowable™

This is the stowy of my wescue for those of you who didn’t get a chance to wead it before.

I am alweady a very famous cat, you see.  Thewe was even a poll to choose my name.

And thus, my name is:

Satchmo Tarquin-Fin- tim- lim- bim- whin- bim- lim- bus- stop- F’tang- F’tang- Olè- Biscuitbarrel.  Or Satchmo for showt.  Many thanks to those of you who kindly con… contwi… contwibuted (pheew, that’s a hard wowd for Little Satchie) to make my name twuly awesome.

And this is the place whewe you’ll be able to keep up with my many adventuwes.


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  1. Hi Satchmo! Gosh it’s always nice to meet a new kitty in the blogosphere. I’m going to follow you so I can keep an eye on you….a cat can always use a whole lot of friends to get advice from – especially when you’re a little guy like you – so if I can help you or be an honorary Uncle or something – hey – you got it !!!


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    • Thank you!

      And thanks for stopping by. It makes this kitteh a vewy happy kitteh.

      Whewe did you get that fancy hat? My human daddy says he wants to get me a top hat but I kinda pwefer fedowas

  3. Hiya Satchmo…I see someone else already awaarded you the Liebster Award…but if you go to my Monday blog post you will see that I also passed this Award forward to you…I promised I would m ake sure you got an Award…and so please know I am thinking of you. Hope you stop by again real soon…paw pats Savannah

    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw Miss Savannah! You awe SO sweet. That makes my wittle kitten body go all wawm and fuzzy inside!

      You know, my big bwo gave me the awad so I think awads fwom family and awads from fwiends count diffewently, don’t you think? ;)

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