Sunday Adventures

My human (he likes to think of himself as my daddy and I’m quite OK with that) brought me to visit my rescuer today.

I was very interested in the place. The scents were familiar and right away I running around, jumping and playing with everything. So many new toys and hidden places to explore!

After I spent quite some time exploring and having fun I came to a room that was familiar to me and I run into this big ginger cat. I startled him (and I startled myself in the process as well). We sniffed each other and neither one of us was sure as what to do.

The human decided that was good for now and put us in different rooms.

By that time, I was getting tired of running so I politely asked for a laptop so I could blog about it.

Both my rescuer and my human took some nice pics of me and told me it was OK for me to use them so here they are!

After I was done exploring I found me a nice play to take a break


I’m so little still, that I need some help using the laptop


I can get the hang of it


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  1. Hiya Satchs…you are totally managing that laptop…or…ummm…ahhhh…is it managing you??…well, never mind…you will get the hang of it soon…and I am eager to hear your story as it unfolds…and thanks ever so much for following my autobiographical blog…I’m a rescue adult cat…paw pats

    • Hawo Texas, thanks for stopping by. My, a French kitty! Do you like it there in America?

      You see I am a Canadian kitty. They speak French here too but my human mommy speaks Spanish and my human daddy speaks English so you’ll hear me speak mostly in English with an Spanish accent I’m picking up from mommy. I bet your French accent is beautiful!

      • I love it here! I can go outside and all!
        I don’t know if I have a beautiful French accent. My human has a horrible accent. My humans speak French at home but we met some kitties outside so we’re starting to be pretty fluent Grouik, Milou and I. I can also speak a bit of Polish because I stayed some time with my human’s Mom and she was singing songs in Polish to me. I liked it very much.
        Glad to have found you!

  2. Hi, Mr Satchs. Greetings from the Special Needs kitties in SP#1. Welcome, welcome. I see you’re already making some great friends here on WP. We’ll look forward to your future posts!

    • Thank you! I’m am very happy to have so many wonderful cats come to my blog to say hello.

      I’m still a bit shy and not entirely sure how this thing works MOL

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