I heart toys

My human mommy brought me a few presents yesterday. I heart my human mommy even if sometimes she squeezes me too much. She always wants to kiss me and hug me! I like kisses and hugs too but not so much when I WANT to play.

Anyway, I LOVED the toys mommy brought!


She said this is called a scratching post. But, aren’t all the things in this place for scratching?


This is a toy for me to chew on. Mommy says I need to chew on that to help my little teeth.


Don’t I look adorable playing with my new toy?


yeah, I’ll get the prize, no problem


Now, this is not a new toy. Mommy said she bought it for my big bro when she was in the States but big bro didn’t even look at it. Mommy was sad to have her present snubbed but as soon as I saw it, I pounced on it so she said I could keep it. All mine now!


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  1. Awwwww. You are getting SPOILED!

    I love how mommy picked a scratching post that matches the color scheme of my living room. Win win, my boy!

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