Two week-a-versary

It was two weeks ago today (and pretty much about this time too) when my human mommy managed to get me out of that awful hole. I was so cold, and hungry and scared…!!

But my human mommy covered me with a blankie and hugged me and brought me home. Then she left me with my human sister and went to the store to buy kitty milk and kitty food for me.

That’s me with my human sister.  I was so scared

They offered me water and food but I was in too much of a shock to have anything. After a while, they convinced me to have a little bit of water and I finally did, with the help of my human mommy cause I didn’t quite understand how it worked to drink water from a kitty dish.

A few more minutes passed and then they offered me the kitty milk and that I liked a lot! I was starting to get the hang of drinking on my own so they put me on the floor with the kitty dish and I had my fill of kitty milk. Mmmmm yummy in my tummy!

That’s how my life with my human family started. We don’t know what happened to my cat family. Mommy called the Humane Society and also filled out a report. She sent pictures of me and they even gave her the number of a gentleman who was looking for a cat but it wasn’t me. The cat he was looking for was not a kitten anymore.

The Humane society people (very nice bunch) told mommy that we had to wait 72 hours after filling out the report before making the adoption official, in case I already had a family and they were looking for me.  However, we didn’t get any phone calls or emails and that made my human mommy and my human daddy very happy cause they wanted to keep me.  Mommy says it was my eyes.

So, here I am, very happy at my forever home. I am glad no one called cause I really like my human family. I also have a big brother cat and even though he doesn’t want to play with meas much, he’s teaching me a lot of cool things.


Hanging out with daddy


Taking a break from playing


I’m getting big!!!

So, happy two week-a-versary to me!


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  1. Oh, this just breaks my heart. I want to bury my nose in this soft little furball and cuddle all day long. You are such a brave kitty, I’m glad that you now have a great family who gives you what you deserve.

        • Mommy and I play a game where she takes me in her hands with arms all stretched out and we pretend I’m flying like Superman. I like that game. She even hums the song for me.

          Can you fly like Superman? is that how you’ll be flying over the huge sea?

  2. I know your humans are ever so happy that you could stay with them – you’re such a cutie! I also think that Jay will get used to having a little buddy to play with….eventually….just keep looking at him with those big eyes of yours! Who could resist?!?! Happy two-week-a-versary.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • that’s what mommy says. I like it cuz now I can jump. My little legs are getting stwong. But I don’t think mommy like it too much. Not the jumping. That she likes. She claps her hands and says good boy when I jump :)

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