Being a helpful kitty is exhausting

Daddy wasn’t feeling well so he stayed home today.

Mommy worked from home, to keep daddy company. I told mommy I could take care of daddy but she insisted on staying.

So I helped mommy work (because I’m a good kitten). First, I made sure all the cables were working properly. Then I helped mommy type. We typed a lot! Then I decided to keep mommy’s feet nice and warm while she worked

After all that work, I needed a nap!


And daddy is feeling a lot better too!  He also took a nap but I donn’t know how to take pictures.


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  1. awwww my sweet nephew Stachie..purrrpurrrpurrrr….you are the best little man! So impawtant to be helping your Mom and Dad…no wonder you were tired honey…purrpurrpurr…sending you special Auntie Savannah paw pats

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