Helping mommy again

Little Satchie is a vewy helpful kitten.

Mommy has been vewy wowied cause big bwother Jay was sick. So, mommy was staying mostly with Jay to make suwe he was OK.

But now that big bwother Jay is doing better, mommy took some time to do some sketching and natuwally, I helped her.

Now, mommy is vewy excited about this new hobby. She came home with a new thingy to help her get better at it, she said. She showed it to me and I decided to make sure it was safe for mommy (you never know with new thingies)


First, a genewal inspection


Then, a closer look. Gotta make suwe it’s safe for mommy


Another side, just to make suwe


One last look. OK, mommy, you can use it


A well-eawned bweak. I’ll keep the colour pencils safe in the mean time

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  2. That’s VERY helpful of you to check EVERYTHING out so thoroughly before you allow your Mommy to use it. Can’t be too careful these days – taking a nap on top of her drawing supplies is a SURE sign of approval! I hope your big brother is feeling better today…… :(

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you uncle Sammy. I always want to make suwe mommy is safe!

      Big bwother is doing much better but still doesn’t want to pway with little Satchie :(

  3. Hiya Satchi! Auntie Savannah back again…sorry to be gone a bit…Mom was off loafing around…MOL…you are such a help! And I bet’cha your big bro’ Jay has totally luvd your careful attentions during his sicky time..stay well my little man, paw pats, Auntie Savvy

  4. You’re such a sweetheart, Satchmo! Can you be my virtual kitty? (I can’t have any in my home due to roommate allergies) I need protection too! lol

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