Satchie doesn’t undewstand

Satchie likes his fowever home vewy much!

Satchie can wun awond the coffee table, under daddy’s desk, onto the kitchen and then back to the coffee table again. Daddy says Satchie is a wace car.

Little Satchie’s legs are getting long and stwong so he can jump high now. Jump on to the couch instead of climbing. Daddy let’s satchie jump on the couch and the chairs and the bed.

But little Satchie doesn’t understand why he can’t jump on the coffee table. Satchie LOVES to jump fwom the couch, onto the coffee table and then on to the love seat (oh, so many names.. sometimes little Satchie has trouble wemembewing them all). Satchie loves that.

But daddy gets mad and he says that awful word. “NO”

Little Satchie knows he’s been a bad kitten when daddy says “NO”. So Satchie jumps down. But after a while, Satchie wants to jump on the table again.

Last night, while mommy and daddy where cuddling, little Satchie jumped on the table. But Satchie had been playing the wace car game and was tiwed and needed to west for a while. Finally daddy saw little Satchie and said that awful word and woke Satchie up.


Satchie looked at daddy…


and then looked at mommy…

And then thewe was silence.  Daddy just looked at little Satchie for a while and then said something little Satchie didn’t understand (something about cute eyes) but it wasn’t that word.

Then mommy laughed and lifted little Satchie and we all cuddled together.

Little Satchie still doens’t undewstand why he can’t go on the coffee table :(


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  1. Oh Satchie there are just SOME things that we just aren’t allowed to do no matter HOW cute we are (those eyes are TOUGH to say “no” to…..haha). I guess your Mom and Dad just don’t want you to scratch the top of the table accidentally while you’re leaping around from here to there maybe. I know I’m not allowed on OUR coffee table either. But I have so many OTHER places I can hang out – and you do too – so it’s just easier to avoid hearing that word “NO!” and those icky faces humans make when they say it – and stay away from the “NO” things! You’re learning……you’re getting bigger and smarter EVERY day!!

    Kitty Huggies to Widdle Satchie….

    • I guess… But they put all sowts of exciting things on that table. Even their feet. Little Satchie wants to know and see evewything… :(

      Thanks uncle Sammy. I’ll twy my best

  2. The humans are strange creatures you know Satchie. Sometimes they’re all “awwwww” (that’s when you can get more kitty milk) and sometimes they’re “NO”. I can’t go on the kitchen table for example. I have no idea why.
    I think the humans know deep inside that we cats dominate the world and they just want to believe that they have some power on us. And since we love our humans, we let them believe it’s true.
    Oh well, you will understand in time.

  3. Satchie you are just the cutest with the sweetest little face! I know it is difficult to understand why our humans think that there are some places we shouldn’t be. I will say you should always try your best to follow your human’s rules. Remember, use your cuteness to the fullest when breaking the rules!

  4. Satchie, I’ll make you a deal…if you promise to not eat the charcoal filter on top of your litter box anymore, you can go on the coffee table.

  5. Ahhhh, Satchie, you sound so pitiful. You’re just being your little explorer self and checking things out! But I guess there are some places that are off limits. Kisses to your sweet face.

  6. Satchie, the people are only trying to protect you from things that might hurt you. Or that are very expensive and difficult to replace. All you need to do is not eat anything that isn’t your food and try not to get your claws caught on anything too soft, and you’ll be okay.

  7. Well my sweet nephew…you just tell Daddy that Auntie Savvy says “coffee tables are made specially just for cats ‘cuz other tables are too high…” So as soon as your legs are long and strong enuff, go for it honey! (errr, ummmm…welll…on second thought…..maybe ya might wanna wait ’til Daddy has his back turned…ok?)

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