Satchie Wuvs to Pway!

Mommy wecowded me pwaying wif daddy and my toys!

Me so cute!!!


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    • Hi auntie Savvy!

      Guess what? I did wowked! I followed your advice and daddy let me go on the coffee table to help with mommy’s biwthday celebwations!

      You are so wise, auntie Savvy!

  1. Hi Little Guy! You ARE so cute….you’re BEYOND cute….what’s after cute anyway?? “Precious” ??? “Adorable” ??? – whatever it is, that’s YOU!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Thank you uncle Sammy. That’s what mommy says. She hugs me real hard and says I’m her little miracle. That makes little Satchie vewy happy

    • Thank you, mommy says so. I don’t wemember seeing any other kittens. I don’t wemember if I had any bwothers or sisters so I’ll take your wowd for it =^.^=

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