Mommy wants me to tell you all something

Hello all.

Mommy says she wants to apologize for mono…. monopol.. mono some thing the laptop. Mommy says work is cwazy wight now and she’s sowy little Satchie doesn’t get too much laptop time.

Besides, mommy was celebwating her biwthday yestewday so little Satchie helped daddy clean the place and get things waedy.


After cleaning, we got the accordion weady


Mommy’s biwthday cake


Daddy singing happy biwthday to mommy


Daddy and me made mommy a limetini. Mommy liked it vewy much


Daddy, singing to mommy

I was a vewy good kitten! We all had fun and mommy was vewy happy.

So, mommy doesn’t want you all to believe that little Satchie doesn’t love you anymore.  She says soon she’ll let me use the laptop to go visit your bwogs too


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  1. Oh Satchie what a lovely birthday you and your Daddy gave to your Mommy! I’m sure she loved her limetini and that BEAUTIFUL cake and of course your Daddy singing Happy Birthday to her to the accordian music. Wowzers….very special. I’m also sure that she really has been so busy she couldn’t let you bwog – er – um – I mean BLOG using her laptop BUT we’re all glad you were able to sneak on and say HI! We missed you!

    Kitty hugs, Uncle Sammy
    p.s. Happy Day-After-Birthday to your Mommy from us

  2. hey Satchie…Auntie Savvy here…I understand why you can’t visit me…it’s really OK. The peeps need to use our tech stuff too, so it is good you share with Mom. And I know her birthday could not have been nearly as special if you had not been there to help her and Dad…paw pats, Auntie

    • Thank you auntie Savvy. I miss visiting all my fwiends, though.

      I had fun celebwating mommy’s b-day. I didn’t know b-days could be so much fun!

        • I think so. Mommy says we don’t know when my biwthday is but she said we will celebwate anyway. Oh, I can’t wait, aunty Savvy. Will I get cake and pwesents too?

          • absolutely…and the day you celebrate is your Got’cha Day…the date your Mom and Dad ‘got’cha’…to bring you home. My Mom and Dad officially adopted me Jan 3, so that will always be the date we celebrate my “Got’cha” Day…’cuz we don’t know my actual B-Day either…so Satchie, you and I are special!

    • Thank you!

      We all had a good time. But mommy didn’t let me twy the ice cweam cake. Mommy said it was bad for little Satchie cuz it would make my tummy huwt. But it smelled so good and I wanted to twy it. I guess I have to twust mommy….

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