A note from Satchmo’s human mom (and dad)

Hello everyone,

We thought it was easier if we told you directly as we don’t think little Satchie quite understands the difference… yet.

This is somewhat very embarrassing.

You see, as you may know, Satchmo was still very little when the little runt was found .  Very, very little.  When TFG decided to offer kitteh a forever home, he asked me if it was a boy or a girl.  I looked and said, I think it’s a boy but I could be wrong.  It is very hard to say at this age.

Since we didn’t want to keep calling “it” we took our chances and for no particular reason went for “boy”.  We had a 50% chance of being right -we thought, and may the odds be ever in our favour.

As it turned out, the odds we’re not in our favour and we got the other 50%.  In other words, Satchie is a girl, not a boy

Say what?

Yes, Satchie is a girl.

It is very clear now that she’s grown a bit.

We’re delighted of course.  We love Satchie even more -if that was even possible.  The news doesn’t change much really, other than the pronouns will be using to refer to Satchie.

And we hope that big brother Jay stop being silly soon so they can take naps and play together.

That’s it for now.  Satchie will be back to her regular blogging whenever she feels like it.


Satchie’s [human] mom (and dad)

PS: I’ll also be replying to comment on this post (And this post only)


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  1. MOLMOLMOL…have you visited Nerissa’s Life yet??? All those guys have girl’s names…Mom and Dad either have a strange sense of humor or could not figure out stuff like your HuMom and Hu Dad Stachmo! What a hoot!! So now, sweetheart, you are my fave ‘niece’…no problem for Auntie Savvy!! luvluvluv ya honey

  2. Well these things happen! In fact, my Mom tells the story of her previous cat “Charli” (short for Charlene) who she thought was a “Charlie” (short for Charles) when she got him as a teeny kitten. I love Satchie no matter what – and Little Miss Satchie works for me!!!! I love being HER honorary Uncle in Virginia. :D :D

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Oh, good to know we were not the only ones. LOL

      And I LOVE Little Miss Satchie. It has a nice ring to it. You’re a great cat, Sammy and little Satchie is lucky to have you as her honourary Uncle!

      Lots of love from Little Miss Satchie’s mom

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