My favowite hidey-holes (this is for my uncle Sammy)

[Hi uncle Sammy]

Little Satchie loves to pway!

Sometimes I pway alone, sometimes I pway with mommy and daddy.

My favouwite game to pway alone is the wace car game. Little Satchie LOVES to wun around the coffee table, then to the bedwoom, and back to the living woom and awond the coffee table.

Little Satchie never gets tiwed or wunning!

But little Satchie also loves to hide so mommy and daddy made a few special places for me.

My Pillow Fowt


Daddy made this one. Can you see little Satchie?


I like to go in at the bottom…


… and out at the top. Then daddy has to make it again. And then we stawt all over with the hiding game =^.^=

My Cawdboawd Fowt


Mommy made this one


Little Satchie likes all the windows!


Little Satchie likes to bite


I can hide other things too!


Say hello to Gwouchy Fweddy Bunny

I also have a Teepee but daddy took it to the office today so mommy couldn’t take pictuwes of it. I’ll ask mommy to twy and take a pictuwe tomowow.

And then I have my vewy special fowt but I’ll tell you all about it on my next post!

Happy weekend evewyone!


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  1. When my cat Julius was little, he used to crawl behind a row of books on a wide shelf to the end where a long book made a tunnel/cave out of it. Since he had just met the big cat I think it made him feel a little safer.

    Once I knew where he vanished to I didn’t mind, and soon enough he didn’t need his hidey hole.

  2. Oh Satchie what GREAT forts your Mom and Dad made for you! I can see how much fun you have with them – the box with the windows is way cool. When I was your age my parents got a new artificial Christmas tree in a BIG BIG long box – Daddy put tons of windows in it and it was mine for a looooooooooooooooooooooong time in the basement. I liked to put toys and stuff in it too. Eventually I chewed it to pieces (just like you!) and it wore out. TONS OF FUN though and it looks like your nice parents are making sure YOU have lots of fun too around the house. YAY!! :D

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Chwistmas twee? oooooh that sound FUN. Little Satchie heawd mommy talking about Chwistmas. Not suwe I undewstood exactly but I heawd something about pwesents!!!

      And now a twee too?

  3. You are such a clever little kitten, Satchie! My cat, Saxon, likes to play the racing game too. And you will love the Christmas tree! Saxon climbed almost to the top last year!

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