LIttle Satchie says…


to my Amewican fwiends

Pictuwe fwom The Conscious Cat!

Little Satchie doesn’t have a pictuwe with the Amewican Flag but this could be me in a few yeaws, no?


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  1. Gee thanks Satchie! We’re having a nice – but HOT 4th of July here…..I didn’t have a picture taken with a flag either – but I did stand on the sidewalk NEAR our flags on the porch railing while Mom snapped my picture. I wanted to have some kind of patriotic picture on my blog today after all! I think you’d look adorable in either of those hats by the way…..time to petition Mom for a hat. :D

    Kitty hugs, Sammy

  2. You would look great in a hat, little Satchie! I noticed you celebrated both Canada Day and July 4th. You are a very international little kitty! :)

    • Mommy says I most likely will chew on the hat but I still want one!

      I am Canadian kitten but I have lots of fwiends in the states and then, thewe’s auntie Savvy and uncle Sammy so I wanted to wish them a happy day too! =^.^=

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