If This Ain’t the Cutest Thing

Little Satchie keeps daddy company while he wowks


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  1. Sachie, you totally have the kitten mojo working! Besides, you HAVE to be on the desk – how else can you supervise your human? I spend a LOT of time on MY human’s desk. And I whap her if she is not working to my expectations.

  2. I’m SURE your Dad appreciates all your help Satchie…..llike Sparkle says, you have to be “up close and personal” to supervise humans – on the desk is a PURRRRRfect location to do that!!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  3. ohhhh my sweet Satchie!! How helpful you are with Dad. And Dad, what’s with this ‘no desk’ stuff??? Mom says she could never have run her consulting business without all of my before me brothers and sister helping at the computer! Mom used to have to clean out the fur from the keyboard all the time. And Boris loved to lie on Mom’s work on the desk between her and the monitor. Dad, relax!! Auntie Savvy sending purrrrrrrrssssss….

    • Little Satchie doesn’t undewstand. Little Satchie just wants to be close to daddy. And pway. Little Satchie always wants to pway!

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