Little Satchie’s BIG adventuwe (1)

Oh, oh, oh.

When mommy and daddy said we wewe going on an adventuwe, I didn’t imagine what was about to happen at all.

Fiwst, mommy got my fowrt, the one she gave me the vewy fiwst night she found me so natuwally, I went wight in.

Yay, I love my fowt

so much fun

But then mommy put a door up. I didn’t even know that was possible

I wasn’t vewy happy

And evewything went wong after that :(

Fiwst, we had to wait a looooooooooooooong time for what mommy and daddy called “a cab”.  I was getting mowe and mowe annoyed cause I wanted to get out and besides it was too hot!

I used my voice and mommy got me out of the now not so fun fowt and held me in her awms.  That felt good!  She talked to me and sang to me so that was good.  Finally the “cab” got hewe (Mommy said it had been 30 minutes, whatever that is) and mommy put me back in the fowt and we went into this awful thing that moved tewibly.  Little Satchie was scawed again, like that night mommy found me.  What if I lost mommy and daddy? But mommy kept talking to me so that helped a little.

But the cab finally stopped and we went into this place with many funny smells I had never smelled.  I didn’t like that either.  Too many scawy scents.

I heawd mommy and daddy talk to some people and they said they couldn’t find my name on the computer but they said they would talk to the doctor to see if they could see me anyway.  Daddy was not happy.  The nice lady came back and said the doctor could see me in 30 minutes (again that word).

So mommy and daddy sat on a chair and mommy put my fowt on her lap so I could be close to her.  Then a big, big cat came in.  bigger that big bwother Jay.  Only that he didn’t smell like a cat.  And he made this noise like a woof, woof, very loud and got little Satchie vewy scawed.  So scawed I hissed back at it.  I don’t do that much but this time I did.  Mommy said the big cat was something called a dog.  I didn’t like that dog cause he made that awful woof noise.  Then I wemember that Wumpy is a dog too.  Wumpydog is nice to little Satchie.

Things wewe not going well and mommy was twying to help me feel better so she left me with daddy and when she came back, she had a pwesent for little Satchie!!!

My new toy!

That made little Satchie vewy happy.  I knew that toy because big bwother Jay has it too.  I pwayed with it until the nice lady came to tell us the vet was weady to see me.

But I’ll tell you all about it tomowow cause it is time to go pway with my new toy!


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  1. I’ll never forget the first time my human took me to the vet – I was scared too! It was a cat only clinic, but I cried the whole time I was there anyway, even though there was a kitty who apparently lived there all the time, and he kept trying to comfort me and even licked my head. My relationship with vets has not improved…

  2. Poor little Satchie……I know how you felt – I’m an old guy and have been to the vet LOTS of times but I still don’t like going. Mostly it’s that car trip I don’t like. I’ve learned how to just lie there and let them poke and prod me because if we “cooperate”, it’s over quicker (remember that for next time you have to go!!). Nice that your Mommy got you a new toy and it helped you relax a bit. I’ll be anxious to hear Part 2 of your adventuwe!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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