Little Satchie’s BIG adventuwe (2)

Let me stawt by saying this:


I didn’t know this.  He leaves in another continent, said mommy.  But human big bwother is visiting us this week, so we’ve been busy pwaying with him.  That is why little Satchie hasn’t been visiting with all of you lately.  Little Satchie misses you all!

But for now, the west of the stowy.

[Mommy wants me to tell you it is the fiwst time she makes a video and she apol… apolog… something for it.  I don’t know what she means by that]

I didn’t like the lady vet too much but she gave me tweats so I guess she’s OK. She looked inside my eaws and my mouth and I didn’t like that at all so I twied to bite her.  I know mommy and daddy tell me all the time I am not supposed to bite but the lady vet was weally annoying.  ALL I wanted to do was pway but she wouldn’t let me.  Then they made me swallow a thingy that didn’t taste too good but they said I had to have it because they didn’t know whewe I lived befowe mommy found me.  Mommy has to give me another one in two weeks.  Ugh.

In the end, she said I was vewy healthy. She confirmed what mommy thought, that I’m about 12 weeks old.  She said I was born sometime around mid-Apwil.  After that, she said we all could go home!

We had to wait a little longer for another cab and again I wasn’t too happy with the car wide but soon we wewe home and I was happy again.  Mommy gave me some kitty milk and I was vewy happy to dwink it.  Then we pwayed for a while and then I took a nap cuz I was vewy tiwed fwom the adventuwe.

I need to go back in a month, though.  For another shot, the lady vet said.  I don’t know what that is but I’m not happy about it.

That’s it for now.  Next time I get some laptop time, I’ll tell you all about my other big bwother!


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  1. Well, sadly my Mom’s computer is 200 years old and she can’t watch videos but I just bet even though you weren’t HAPPY to be at the vet, you were a very good girl and let the lady vet check you over top to bottom! Like I said last week in my blog, it’s a necessary evil getting looked at and poked at – it’s for our own good. You’re a very brave little girl and I’m very glad that she told you and your Mom that you’re a healthy kitty! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  2. I bet you were glad when all that was over with! Too bad you have to return in two weeks, but after that you should not have to go back for a very long time – like a whole year! That’s how old you are right now times four!

  3. Awwww it makes me relieved bout humans when a stray’s taken in an loved like a child. Your mommy helps redeem the human race. Believe me, it needs redeemin. Miss D. X

    • Thank you! Mommy is pwetty cool. She pways with me and gives me tweats (daddy does too).

      I love my mommy and daddy! =^.^=

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