Daddy Wuvs Me!

Fo the longest time, daddy didn’t let me on his desk. All those books (whatever those awe?) and papews (he says it’s his music but I dunno what dat is…to me it’s toys!) awe important and he even spwayed me with water to keep me off.

BUT LITTLE SATCHIE IS SO CUTE! Why would daddy not want me awound him when he is woWking? He says he needs inspiwation…hewe I am!!!

A few days ago, daddy was working and I decided to pway up the cute and now he Lets me be wif him on the desk!

Fiwst, I had to tell the water bottle who is boss! ME!

I so happy, I pwactice my yodelling!

Daddy even let me have a sip of his swurpee! Mmmmm! Yummy!

Look into my eyes, daddy. Look vewy deeply!

Satchie wins! I was pewwing vewy loudly!

See!? Satchie is too cute to not get hew way! YAY ME!!!

Thank you, daddy!


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  1. Oh Satchie I don’t see how ANYONE could possibly look into those eyes and watch you wiggle around and be adorable (especially yodeling!!) and not let you have your way with them (certainly their hearts!!!). You are sooooooooooooo adorable. No more water spray gun! YAY! Just be careful you don’t destroy your Daddy’s music – that might “re-activate” that water bottle!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy :D :D

  2. You do the cute thing very well, Satchie! Now you have Daddy wrapped around your little… tail? Anyway, keep being cute & tell Daddy and Mommy to make more videos of you!

    • I will tell them. Mommy is always following me awound with that thing she calls hew phone going ooooooooh and aaaaaaaaaaaaaw and then she helps me put the pictuwes on my bwog cause little Satchie doesn’t know how to do that

  3. Oh Satchie, Auntie Savvy could not be more proud!!! You used great training techniques for your Dad! You got him right on board, keep him in line now. We cats must make sure our humans follow our guidance. The ‘cute look” always works, especially for kittens, so use it before you lose it, so to meow…paw pats Auntie Savvy

    • hi auntie Savvy!!!

      It took little Satchie a while but I finally did it! Just like you and uncle Sammy told me to do =^.^=

  4. Between those cutie baby eyes and your little purring motor, I wouldn’t have been able to say no either. Of course, I also would’ve picked you up and snuggled. Your daddy and mommy are so lucky to have you.

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