2 month-a-versary

Two months ago (May 17) and awound thins time of day too, mommy was sitting on her balcony when she heawd something.

She knew wight away what it was.  The call of a kitten in distwess.  That kitten was little Satchie.

It took mommy about 5 houws to locate me because evewy time mommy got close, I’d stop meowing.  Mommy knew I was thewe in that building but at fiwst she thought I was in the shed.  Mommy didn’t see the hole on the ground opening into the foundation.

Mommy called the Humane Society to ask for help but it was aftew-houws and got the voice mail.  Mommy didn’t give up and when she finally found the hole and got a glimpse of little Satchie, she went back to her home to get kitty food and water for me.

It took mommy a full hour to convince me to come within her weach so she could get me out.  I was SO SCAWED of humans that evewy time mommy twied to get her hand close to me, I would go back deeper into the hole.  The opening of the hole was so little, mommy could only put one hand inside.  But finally I decided to twust that hand that was offewing me food and got close enough that mommy was able to get me out.

Little Satchie was vewy scawed.  Mommy looked huge and her scent was not familiar to me.  I twied to get away but I was vewy little and weak and mommy held me close to her chest and that felt good.  I was cold and mommy was wawm.  Mommy also talked to me and hugged me and at fiwst I didn’t undewstand human speak but mommy was gentle so I stawted to calm down and feel safe.

This is me, the night mommy found me. Here with my human sister

Mommy taught me how to eat and dwink fwom a bowl.  Mommy thought I was 4-5 weeks old when she found me and the vet agweed with it

This is me the next day. I spent most of that day on mommy’s shoulder



and little Satchie loves mommy and daddy and big bwother Jay and human sister!


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  1. So big, Satchie! Your mommy did a great thing when she rescued you! I know she is very glad that she did.
    My mom, my daughter, and I found a kitty that had crawled into the wheel well of the car. She was meowing but at first only my daughter could hear her. Then we heard her too and my mom stopped the car. It wasn’t easy getting her out — she was scared just like you! But finally we got her out and took her home. She was my very special kitty for 4 years. Her name was Midnight, and I miss her still.

    • aaaw what happened to Midnight? Little Satchie is sowwy to heaw she’s not with you anymowe. But I bet she was as gwateful and happy to have been wescued as little Satchie is!

  2. What a special story Satchie! I’m so happy your Mommy found you and rescued you. Both of you look happy in those photos – you were such a tiny little cutie and I’m sure you were very scared. Now look at how you’ve grown and how beautiful your stripey coat is! You’ve still got a lot of growing to do little girl…..and so many new things to learn and explore…..Happy Two Month-a-versary Satchie! :D

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  3. You are growing up quickly Satchie! I am so glad that your mommy was able to find you and get you out of that hole. You were very brave to trust her when you didn’t know her scent. You are a very lucky kitty! :)

    • LIttle Satchie knows she’s vewy lucky! I was vewy scawed but I am not anymowe! I am a bwave kitty now :)

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