Sleepy Me!

I like naps but they don’t last vewy long. I have too much pwaying to do!

Today I am napping in my favowite spot…until I find anothew one, of course!

I’m tiwed because I was pwaying with my big bwother Jay all night. Jay chased me awound, too! He likes me now!!!

I think we kept mommy up, though. Jay and I wan over daddy but he was fast asweep.

Maybe big bwother will ask me to come pway latew! I better west up for that adventuwe!


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  1. Hi Satchie! I too was SURE that your big brother would get used to having a little ball of energy to play with EVENTUALLY….and sure enough, you guys are “buddies” now. YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • nope, I never nap for too long. Too many things to discover and too many things to pway with?

      Mommy and daddy give me chicken, beef, tuna (just a little), kitty milk and kibble

    • Uncle Sammy! Yes, sowwy. I’m good. But mommy has not been well lately so big bwother Jay and I have been taking cawe of her.

      I miss you, uncle Sammy.

      I’ll twy and get awond bwogging after big bwother Jay has his thingy at the hospital. Mommy is wowied about that so little Satchie is wowied too :(

      • I know you’re worried and so are we but I think you’ll be happy to see Jay is going to be much better after he has his mean old fang out. It’s nice of you to be nurse to your Mom and when Jay gets home you can be his nurse too! You’re a good little girl…. ;)

        Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • MOL

      I always wun over daddy when he sleeps. Sometimes he wakes up, sometimes he doesn’t… but when he does wake up, he is gwumpy and not vewy happy with little Satchie. But then I kiss him and he’s smiles at little Satchie again :)

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