Satchie’s latest adventuwe

Big Bwother Jay and I went together to see the vet yestewday.

Fiwst, mommy said we needed to go into our “cawiews”.  I didn’t know what that meant but then I saw mommy getting my fowt and that other thingy daddy bwought the other day.

I didn’t know why daddy bwought that thing home and I didn’t like the smell of it.

Mommy wanted me to go inside that thing and I didn’t like the idea too much but mommy had put a blankie inside and it had her scent so I went anyway.  Then mommy took my fowt and put big bowther Jay in it.  I wasn’t vewy happy about that either.  I wanted to pway with my fowt instead of being in this odd thingy and I used my voice to let mommy know I wasn’t vewy happy about the awangement.

Mommy said it’d be only for a while so I calmed down and off we went.

Big bwother Jay and I waiting for the taxi that would take us to the vet. Jay got the pwetty “cawier” and I got the not so pwetty one.

This time we didn’t have to wait at all for the taxi.  And the car ride wasn’t too bad either.  Having Jay by my side helped a lot!

Mommy fowgot to take pictuwes of us with the vet (silly mommy) but we got the good doctor.  Mommy was happy and little Satchie was happy too.

Dr Young said I am a VEWY pwetty kitten.  She admiwed my markings.  She said they almost look like a bengal’s.  She also said I gained 400 gr and that I’m vewy healthy!

They took big bwother Jay to a diffewent woom and when he came back, he had this funny thing in his leg.  He seemed ok but was quiet in the fowt.  Dr Young pwayed with me a little and then she gave me a tweat.  I like Dr Young.

Waiting for the taxi to go home

I was happy to be back home.  I got my fowt back and mommy thanked me for being such a good kitty and let bwother Jay use it.

Big bwother Jay and I, having dinner together. See how big I am now?

But Big bwother Jay has to go back to the vet today.  I am not suwe why but I can tell mommy is a bit wowied.   Jay said it’s about his tooth.  That is bwoken and they have to take it out.

Little Satchie doesn’t undewstand how they take a tooth out.  Little Satchie doesn’t want big bwother Jay to be in pain.  I know Jay is not happy to have to go back to the vet today.  He was vewy quiet when we got back home and didn’t want to pway much.

Mommy says Jay will be gone all day.

Little Satchie is gonna miss big bwother Jay :(


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  1. Oh Little Satchie I’m sure your big brother will feel a whole lot more like playing with you after he gets that bad tooth out today. I’ll be thinking about BOTH of you today – Jay will be home SOON! As for how big you’re getting – you are growing up and just getting prettier all the time. You do have beautiful markings on your coat – you should be very proud of that!! You’re a good girl for letting the nice doctor check you over – and you even got a treat!

    Kitty hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • I hope so. I weally like pwaying with Jay.

      Thank you uncle Sammy, I am pwoud of my coat. I’m a little tiger!

    • OK, auntie Savvy. I’ll be vewy quiet. It’ll be vewy hawd for me not to pway with Jay but I’ll twy my best

  2. Jay’s not gonna feel good for a day or two when he comes home, so you have to a good girl and not bother him. And don’t worry if he smells funny or is cranky. He’s gonna be just fine.

  3. Hi, sweet Satchie. I’ve been out of touch and missed seeing you. I’m glad you had a good visit to see Dr. Young, but sorry that your brother Jay had to have a tooth out. I hope he’ll be feeling better fast!

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