Big Bwother Jay is OK!

Little Satchie missed big bwother Jay a lot.

But while big bwother Jay was gone, little Satchie kept mommy company so she wouldn’t miss Jay too much.

Wanna pway with this stwing, mommy?

Good mommy!

What’s that? Mommy is tiwed? OK, let’s take a nap then…


When we woke up, it was time to bwing Jay home!

I was a good kitty and let big bwother Jay sleep like auntie Savvy told me.

But yestewday, Jay was feeling much better and we ate together and pwayed together.   I love big bwother Jay!

After a while, Jay got tiwed and wanted to take a nap

So I went to hang out with our human sister cause mommy said we needed to let him sleep.

Little Satchie was a vewy good giwl!


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  1. Hi Satchie! Naps are a great way to pass the time – and when you woke up JAY WAS HOME! YAY! I’m sure your Mommy appreciated you keeping her busy playing while you both waited though……you’re a very good girl!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  2. Oh sweet Satchie, Auntie Savannah is so proud of you! You are being such a good nurse for brother Jay! You keep him company and he will play with you again very soon! …reaching over to Satchie, soft paw pat and soft lick on head..purrrrr…paw pats Auntie Savannah

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