Satchie is on the Twittew!

Hi, fwiends!

Guess what? My daddy signed me up for Twittew today! He says I was suwwounded by something called “nerds” for so long that it seems funny I would only start tweeting now. I know, right?

See, dat’s me tweeting! Or swapping the cursor, I don’t know which one…

If you have a Twittew, pwease follow me!!! I don’t know how to use it vewy well yet, I’m afwaid.



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  1. oh sweet niece..of course your Auntie Savannah is on Twitter!!! ANd I go to Nip Club Pawties and everything…I just followed you on Twitter. We must meow together so we can get you admitted to the #wlf (Whiskas Liberation Front) Have our huRents email me and I can tell you how to do it and what it means. It is totally pawsome…and every Friday is #FF (friendly friday) and I will introduce you to my followers. luv you, Auntie Savvy

  2. Oh Little Satchie I’m so happy to see you…..I read on Jay’s blog yesterday that you were “gone” and I thought something had happened to you!!! I was sad as sad can be. I’m glad you’re OK little honorary niece!! As for Twitter – Mom hasn’t done the Twitter thing – she’s on the computer so much as it is I hardly get the same amount of “quality lap time” with her as I used to! I’m sure you’ll have a bazillion followers there though because you’re so totally ADORABLE……….

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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