TV is Intewesting!

Daddy had the TV on last night. He usually doesn’t have it on for vewy wong but he was watching something called ‘stand up comedy’, but I don’t know what that means. I know what comedy is, I AM vewy funny, aftew all, but stand up? I’m funny when wying down, too! Anyway, I weally wiked the lights on the scween. I didn’t see any othew kittehs on it, though. Was kinda hoping too. Maybe daddy will wook for some wif me tonight!

It’s called a ‘Wii cuwsew’ and I want to pway wif it!


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  1. Maybe Daddy will tune to Animal Planet next time! Then you can chase some butterflies or doggies or kitties!
    Yes, Satchie, you are funny, whether lying down, sitting up, or standing. Tell Mommy and Daddy hi for me!

  2. Hi Satchie! We don’t have cable either…….but I DO love to watch baseball and car racing on TV. Some of the kiddies cartoons are way cool too – lots of action. You look like you’re enjoying the stand up comedy thing with your Daddy but I think there probably are some thiings on there that would be WAY MORE FUN to watch (for you….maybe not your Dad though!!).

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Twue! I don’t know how to use the wemote contwol yet, though, so if I purr and wub my face on his beawd, maybe we’ll let me watch whatevew Satchie wants!

  3. Your humans need to turn on Animal Planet – especially My Cat From Hell! (Although on second thought, My Cat From Hell might scare you because there are lots of upset kitties on there!)

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