I’m vewy sleepy

I take a lot of naps dewing the day when not pwaying with my kickawoo or chasing papew. Sometimes I sleep like this…

How do you take your naps?


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  1. First of all, you are just as adorable asleep as you are running around like a racecar! Second of all you’re still a little thing and need lots of rest to grow big and strong. Third of all it’s always good to hang on to your feeties when you’re asleep so someone doesn’t come along and steal them!!!

    Kitty hugs and kisses, Uncle Sammy

  2. Sachie, I am not so sure about the foot over the face sleeping position! If I put my back feet anywhere, I prefer placing them over a human’s face while THEY are sleeping!

  3. I had to stare for a little while to realize how you was sleeping… at first it looked like one grown cat and a kitten… it looks very cosy. I usually sleep stretched out. Trying to get longer.

    • I keep gwowing and my humans are vewy sad that I am not a wittle kitten anymoe. They wuv me, though, so that’s OK. :)

    • Daddy sweeps on his back alot because he snores but when he sweeps on his side, sometimes his wegs stretch out and I go hide thewe and purr. Humans can’t sweep like kittehs do!

    • I don’t sweep on the bed for long. Daddy tosses and turns a wot and Satchie wikes being still. I go check on him at night but mostly I sweep on the sofa. Or, as I call it, Satchie’s bed! :)

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