All That JazzCat!

I learned through my good friend Texas, that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

My human was very excited when she learned about this and told me I must blog about Toby,  my Colombian brother.

I never met Toby but my human said she got him at the rescue shelter.  Nobody wanted him cause he was black.

She immediately fell in love with the little fella who was about 5 or 6 weeks or maybe older, no one knew exactly.  He had been found wandering on the streets -probably abandoned cause he was black, and was starving so he was probably smaller for his age.

Anyway, my human adopted him and he got to be a big, fierce-looking cat but the most kind of cats, says my human.  She tells me everybody said he looked like a black panther.

We don’t have a lot of pictures because that was a…

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  1. I’ve always thought black cats were very elegant and like mini-panthers! I’m glad they have their own special day – although we kitties know we’re ALL special no matter what color we are! :D


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