Did you miss me?

I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

I’ve been very busy growing up as you will see in a minute.

A lot of things have happened since we last talked.

First, mom was away for a long time.  On a trip, say Jay.  But last time I heard that word was when we went to see the nice lady vet who gave me treats.  Do you think mom had to go see the lady vet too?

Well, in any case, I was starting to think mom was never coming back.  But she did!

Now, I spend some days with mom, Jay and our human sister and some days with dad.

When I’m at mom’s I play a lot with Jay.  I love my big brother! I want to go everywhere he goes and I want to do everything he does. Except napping.  Jay likes to nap way too much.  I rather go play with my human sister or with mom.  Or even alone if they are busy.

And when I’m at dad’s, I mostly keep the place safe cause dad leaves in the morning and doesn’t come back till the evening.  So I make sure I do my patrolling like Auntie Savvy taught me.   When dad comes home, I make sure I purr loudly to let him know I missed him.

And that’s what I’ve been up to.  I still love to run.  And I can jump very high now.  Mom says I’m one of the best hunters she’s ever seen.  Just like my big brother, she says.  She also says that in the old days, I would have made one heck of a mouser.  I don’t know what that means but it must be a good thing cause she smiles when she says that.

This is where I hang out her when dad is taking a shower

What do you mean you have to work, mom?

Making sure dad’s desk is OK

Doing my famous chair trick

Look, sis. I’m a monkey!


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  1. Oh Satchie I certainly DID miss you! I wondered if you were happy, healthy, having fun, being a good girl, pestering your big brother……and now I see you HAVE been busy – growing up! I like the photo of you in the sink bestest…..tee hee….that’s one way to be sure and get fresh water every day. :D

    Special Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • I also did all those things. I love hanging out with my big brother and I miss him when I’m at dad’s but I like being with dad too so that’s ok

      I missed you too, uncle Sammy!

  2. Satchie, you are so cute as always. I missed you & I’m glad you’re back! I love your chair trick — how do you balance on the back of the chair so well? You are multi-talented!

    • aaaaaaaw thank you, Texas. I missed you too! And I heard you have a little sister now? I’ll go visit your blog soon! I wanna meet her

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