What’s this?

Yesterday morning, mom got up early and jumped off the bed. She startled me but she started running to the living room so I followed her to make sure she was ok.

Then she came running back to the bedroom, she grabbed something and then she told me, come with me little Satchie, I have a surprise for you!

A surprise? Oh, I love surprises! Is it a treat? Is it a new toy? I asked. But mom opened the balcony door and took me outside.  This is what happened next:


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  1. I don’t think I would be too impressed with the snow either, Satchie! Of course, living in southern California, I have never seen any! I have seen piles of hail, and that was icky enough!

      • Unfortunately yes….she was only 8 then. Minnie looks so much different as she is tiger stripes with lots of white on her tummy and chest…petite and pretty….loves to play and loves sitting on your lap…very attached to me. Sachmo was the classic black kitty with the white in all the right places for being a tuxedo kitty girl….she liked watching Minnie play…..she did not like exercise:) Minnie was social and Sach was not social….always nervous…she was attached to my hubby….Minnie would practically sit on my head at night getting lots of Mommy time and love time while Sach would slowly creep over to my hubby and then hop up next to him and had the loudest purrrr as she was happy with her Daddy….she was huge compared to Minnie….I will find a picture of her and scan it in so you can see her. They were sisters and their Mama kitty was mostly white….but Minnie and Sachmo have the most pretty green eyes and long whiskers. Minnie adjusted ok as I worried she would miss Sach terribly but she knew and I know she knows as we do that we will see her again and be together again….Sach was so large and big that when she tried to hide under our bed, at the time we had a dust ruffle, the only part of her that would fit was her head….she thought she was hidden:) It was hyterical to see this big back end of cat sticking out from the bed:) She was a sweety:)

  2. Yeah, that stuff is BBRRRRR!!! None of my kitties have ever liked snow. Of course, being in Texas, we didn’t get snow all that often. Anyway, Satchie, you are so very cute! (and big brother Jay too)

  3. Oh Satchie! The wonderful world of snow! It’s pretty exciting and wonderful the first time you see it then you realize you’re not all that crazy about COLD TOESIES! Have fun with your first snow………. :D

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Where do you live, Teddy? Mom says we usually get tons on snow in Ottawa. But not last winter. There was no snow last winter. But of course, I wasn’t born yet =^.^=

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