Yay! My letter to Santa was published by Rumpy! Now I am sure Santa will see it! I’m so excited… weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! Can you believe it? One week from today we’re gonna wake up and see all the wonderful presents Santa has left for us! I am so excited!!!!!

Today Santa’s gonna get tag-teamed by a pair of sweet kitties who have their little hearts set on some sweet surprises. First up, Sundae from These Days of Mine.

Dear Santa Paws,

Sundae, the sweet little calico kitty here. I sure hope you’ve had a wonderful off-season and are geared up for your big evening coming up in a few weeks.

As you know, I’ve been extremely good this year. What’s that?  The little biting incidents? Well, um, you know that’s really just my way of showing affection right?  Surely you’ve heard of “love nips”?

Okay, okay, I’m really trying to get them under control. I promise to really work on it between now and Christmas.

Meanwhile, here’s my tiny little…

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    • Oh dear… I had not seen all these comments… So sorry Sparkle, I was not ignoring you.

      They did! You were right! :)

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