Christmas is the bestest!

So Christmas finally came and I got to experience what everybody was talking about. There were tons of presents under the tree and there was music and it smelled good! We had a Colombian Christmas so we opened the presents on Christmas Eve. I was so excited I kept running around the living room and in between the presents. I knocked a some of them a few times too!


This is how our tree looked on Christmas Eve. It was all so exciting! I couldn’t wait to open all the presents.


Can you spot me in this pic?


This is my stocking. Isn’t it pretty?


This is my family. Mom, hu-sis, Jay and I. If you look carefully, you’ll see Jay is also wearing an elf hat

Then it was finally time to open the presents! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I got a bed… but liked the bag better hehehe


Jay got his book

Everybody got presents. And I got to play with all the wrapping paper! That was the best part. I have a few videos but since mom was sick, we haven’t got a chance to put them together yet. But wait, that’s not all.


Then it was time to look into my stocking!


Look at all those toys just for me! Thank you Santa Paws!


So much fun!


I like this one too!

So yeah, everybody was right. Christmas is the bestest time of the year!

Hope you all had a wonderful time too. Can’t wait to hear what you got from Santa Paws


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    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like your toys. Do you like to play with the wrapping paper? That was my favourite part!

  1. Little Satchie it looks like you had a REALLY wonderful Christmas! I just knew you’d have a super special first Christmas and indeed you did……I love that photo of you hiding among the presents under the tree…..and the picture of your whole family – everybody looks happy – even Jay with his elf hat on! I’m like you though – my favorite stuff is always the ribbon, wrapping paper, gift bags…..tee hee. Now you can start making your list for Santa Paws for NEXT year!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  2. oh sweet niece, you had such a pawsome first christmas…and I bet that balsam tree never saw the likes of you! Of course bags are better than the prezzie’s inside, sigh, when will the peeps ever learn. You stay warm with my pal Jay, and give your Mom some paw pats from me and warm hugs from my Mom…’kay??? Auntie Savvy

  3. Hey, you found your Christmas tree, Satchie! Excellent. I have it on good authority that wads of wrapping paper are indeed irresistable. Maybe has something to do with them flying through the air. After I toss them. Over and over…

    Hello from Milton, by the way.

    • Loved the wrapping paper. Wait till you see the videos!

      Hi back to Milton and all the other kitties. Wish I could play with them. I get bored cause all Jay wants to do is sleep :(

  4. Hi Satchie,

    I celebrate Christmas with two kitties, ages 5 1/2 and 4 this year. Although the elder is a real couch potato, the bunch of toy fishies and balls they received got both kitties all feisty this year. Christmas can be a great time to be a cat, and it looks like your mom and hu-sis made sure you had a good one this year.

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