Thinking about my cat mom

I’ve been wanting to write this post since I saw snow for the first time but I kept forgetting. Then, I saw this post from Texas about NYC feral cats so I am finally writing it.

I didn’t like snow at first. My toesies got cold and I didn’t know why. It was very cold out and that got me thinking about my cat mom.  She was never found.

She is a feral cat like I was.  For all we know, she’s still out there. She might be cold. She might be hungry. She might even have more kitties now. Or be pregnant again.

What if she’s sick? Who’s gonna help her?

My human mom always keeps her eyes and ears open to any signal of feral (or stray cats) around the neighbourhood. So far, she hasn’t seen or heard any.

But I worry about my cat mom. All alone in the world and not spayed. So I worry about the kittens too, if there’s any.

I like snow now. I go out on the balcony, and play with it. I love to dig. But my human mom is always there with me, making sure I’m ok. And when I get cold, we go inside and my mom hugs me and makes me warm again. But what about my cat mom? Who’s gonna keep her warm and safe?

This is me, the night I was found

This is me, the night I was found

I wish for my cat mom and all kitties out there, to get their own humans to love!

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  1. I think your questions should be more like, “What kind of fireplace does her home have? Does she get the same food and snackies I do? I wonder which blanket is hers.”

    Hello from Abbie. Well, snore from Abbie, actually. But she’s say hello if she were awake.

  2. Sweet Niece Satchie, I have huge leaky eyes readin this, I worry about your cat mom too, and all other ferals. Do you know that Jan 15 is the first Blog 4 The Change post? For 2013?? “Be ” the change and your huMom IS THAT CHANGE! Thank Ceiling Cat for her and for your survival. Warm soft loving paeans, Auntie Savvy

  3. Oh Little Satchie…..I know JUST how you feel…..I have no idea what happened to my Mom or if I had brothers and sisters…..I only remember my human parents coming to the shelter one day and finding me as a tiny kitten all alone and taking me home. The shelter said I was found under an abandoned house but I’ll always wonder if my cat Mom had left me there all alone or what. All that matters now is we’re SAFE, HAPPY, and LOVED Satchie…..we just have to hope that maybe someone helped our Moms and families like WE were helped. I’m glad you like snow – I sure did when I was little like you!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

  4. So do we, little Miss Satchie, so do we. It’s hard not knowing where you come from or why you were found alone. We hope all the furbabies have warm, happy homes someday very soon.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • oh, thank you, auntie Savvy. I have the badge on my blog now. We also shared on FB and Twitter (Jay’s account).

      We’ll try to write a post later but mom is feeling very tired right now. Mom’s been very tired lately, so I think we’re going to take a nap

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