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Satchie the Explorer

Looks like spring is finally – and timidly, making an appearance in Ottawa.

It was such a nice day, the humans said, that we needed to go exploring. I wasn’t sure what to expect. My very first time outdoors since I was found, almost a year ago.


It was interesting. I liked the warm sunlight but I wasn’t too sure about the openness of it all. Not enough places to hide and feel safe. Besides, we still don’t have any flowers and the trees don’t have any leaves yet.

Regardless, I did some exploring, and after about 10 minutes, I was ready to go back home.

The humans said we’re going to try again at a later day, when there are more things to look at and play with. And hopefully, Jay will join us too!

Is spring already there where you live?

Daddy Wuvs Me!

Fo the longest time, daddy didn’t let me on his desk. All those books (whatever those awe?) and papews (he says it’s his music but I dunno what dat is…to me it’s toys!) awe important and he even spwayed me with water to keep me off.

BUT LITTLE SATCHIE IS SO CUTE! Why would daddy not want me awound him when he is woWking? He says he needs inspiwation…hewe I am!!!

A few days ago, daddy was working and I decided to pway up the cute and now he Lets me be wif him on the desk!

Fiwst, I had to tell the water bottle who is boss! ME!

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Little Satchie’s BIG adventuwe (2)

Let me stawt by saying this:


I didn’t know this.  He leaves in another continent, said mommy.  But human big bwother is visiting us this week, so we’ve been busy pwaying with him.  That is why little Satchie hasn’t been visiting with all of you lately.  Little Satchie misses you all!

But for now, the west of the stowy.

[Mommy wants me to tell you it is the fiwst time she makes a video and she apol… apolog… something for it.  I don’t know what she means by that]

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I’m a giwl!

I am not really suwe what that means but mommy and daddy say I’m a giwl and now they say “good giwl, Satchie” instead of “good boy”. Mommy says I’m her little miss Satchie too. I don’t know what that means but I like.

I don’t feel any diffewent. I still like to wun like a wace car awound the coffee table, and jump and chase things. But mommy and daddy seem to think it’s a good thing so I’m happy too.

I also like adventuwes.

Yestewday, mommy said we wewe going to visit big bwother Jay. I got weally happy and off we went mommy and I to the upper floor where big bwother Jay lives.


See how big I am now?

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Sunday Adventures

My human (he likes to think of himself as my daddy and I’m quite OK with that) brought me to visit my rescuer today.

I was very interested in the place. The scents were familiar and right away I running around, jumping and playing with everything. So many new toys and hidden places to explore!

After I spent quite some time exploring and having fun I came to a room that was familiar to me and I run into this big ginger cat. I startled him (and I startled myself in the process as well). We sniffed each other and neither one of us was sure as what to do.

The human decided that was good for now and put us in different rooms.

By that time, I was getting tired of running so I politely asked for a laptop so I could blog about it.

Both my rescuer and my human took some nice pics of me and told me it was OK for me to use them so here they are!

After I was done exploring I found me a nice play to take a break

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