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Big Bwother Jay is OK!

Little Satchie missed big bwother Jay a lot.

But while big bwother Jay was gone, little Satchie kept mommy company so she wouldn’t miss Jay too much.

Wanna pway with this stwing, mommy?

Good mommy!

What’s that? Mommy is tiwed? OK, let’s take a nap then…


When we woke up, it was time to bwing Jay home!

I was a good kitty and let big bwother Jay sleep like auntie Savvy told me.

But yestewday, Jay was feeling much better and we ate together and pwayed together.   I love big bwother Jay!

After a while, Jay got tiwed and wanted to take a nap

So I went to hang out with our human sister cause mommy said we needed to let him sleep.

Little Satchie was a vewy good giwl!

Sleepy Me!

I like naps but they don’t last vewy long. I have too much pwaying to do!

Today I am napping in my favowite spot…until I find anothew one, of course!

I’m tiwed because I was pwaying with my big bwother Jay all night. Jay chased me awound, too! He likes me now!!!

I think we kept mommy up, though. Jay and I wan over daddy but he was fast asweep.

Maybe big bwother will ask me to come pway latew! I better west up for that adventuwe!

Daddy Wuvs Me!

Fo the longest time, daddy didn’t let me on his desk. All those books (whatever those awe?) and papews (he says it’s his music but I dunno what dat is…to me it’s toys!) awe important and he even spwayed me with water to keep me off.

BUT LITTLE SATCHIE IS SO CUTE! Why would daddy not want me awound him when he is woWking? He says he needs inspiwation…hewe I am!!!

A few days ago, daddy was working and I decided to pway up the cute and now he Lets me be wif him on the desk!

Fiwst, I had to tell the water bottle who is boss! ME!

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Satchie Loves to Pway With Toys!

I love to pway! When me am at daddy’s pwace, I have many toys that mommy and daddy make fo me. But I am a lucky kitten because I also have a home upstaiws where mommy, my human sister and big bwother Jay lives and they have many toys as well!

Tonight mommy was feeling bad because her foot was huwting so daddy bwought me to visit her and help her smile.  Satchie is good at that!

Mommy and daddy made a video of how pwayful I am and what a good giwl I am, too! See….

I hope my bwother Jay will pway with me soon. I luv him, too!

Byeeeee for now, my fwiends! I am going to pway the twumpet now!

My favowite hidey-holes (this is for my uncle Sammy)

[Hi uncle Sammy]

Little Satchie loves to pway!

Sometimes I pway alone, sometimes I pway with mommy and daddy.

My favouwite game to pway alone is the wace car game. Little Satchie LOVES to wun around the coffee table, then to the bedwoom, and back to the living woom and awond the coffee table.

Little Satchie never gets tiwed or wunning!

But little Satchie also loves to hide so mommy and daddy made a few special places for me.

My Pillow Fowt


Daddy made this one. Can you see little Satchie?

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A note from Satchmo’s human mom (and dad)

Hello everyone,

We thought it was easier if we told you directly as we don’t think little Satchie quite understands the difference… yet.

This is somewhat very embarrassing.

You see, as you may know, Satchmo was still very little when the little runt was found .  Very, very little.  When TFG decided to offer kitteh a forever home, he asked me if it was a boy or a girl.  I looked and said, I think it’s a boy but I could be wrong.  It is very hard to say at this age.

Since we didn’t want to keep calling “it” we took our chances and for no particular reason went for “boy”.  We had a 50% chance of being right -we thought, and may the odds be ever in our favour.

As it turned out, the odds we’re not in our favour and we got the other 50%.  In other words, Satchie is a girl, not a boy

Say what?

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Can you help Zoé?

You may all know about little Zoé cause big bwother Jay bwogged about her on the weekend.

She was diagnosed with panleukopenia.  Wow.  That was a hard one.   I had to ask mommy for help typing that one.

Anyway, thewe awe other long difficult wowds little Satchie doesn’t undewstand.  But mommy says little Zoé may not even make it.  And mommy is now doing that thing with her eyes and she can’t help me type anymore.  You can hear little Zoé meow in the video.  And I keep thinking that could be little Satchie there at the hospital.

Can you help Zoé and her human mommy?