Satchie the Explorer

Looks like spring is finally – and timidly, making an appearance in Ottawa.

It was such a nice day, the humans said, that we needed to go exploring. I wasn’t sure what to expect. My very first time outdoors since I was found, almost a year ago.


It was interesting. I liked the warm sunlight but I wasn’t too sure about the openness of it all. Not enough places to hide and feel safe. Besides, we still don’t have any flowers and the trees don’t have any leaves yet.

Regardless, I did some exploring, and after about 10 minutes, I was ready to go back home.

The humans said we’re going to try again at a later day, when there are more things to look at and play with. And hopefully, Jay will join us too!

Is spring already there where you live?

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  1. Not only is it spring here, it almost feels like summer! It is nearly 8:30 in the evening and my human has her office window wide open! Fortunately, it is going to cool down a bit in a few days – I would like some nice open window weather before the hot, closed window/ air conditioning weather really kicks in!

    • oh wow. We’re still on the freezing range in the evenings here. I like open windows too. I love to feel the wind on my face :)

    • Thank you Texas! I really enjoy looking at your pictures too. Please say hello to everyone for me. Especially to Kitshka

  2. Dear Sachie
    Out here in our part of BC (the next valley east of the Okanagan) wes gots spring early and it has been glorious!
    Me has even been outside a few times enjoying the heat!

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