Hide & Seek

I love to play with my brother Jay!

My favourite game is Tag but I also like Hide & Seek. We were playing that today


Ready or not, here I come!


I wonder where he is…


I think I know…


There you are!!!


Now it’s your time to find me!

What kind of games do you play?


Satchie the Explorer

Looks like spring is finally – and timidly, making an appearance in Ottawa.

It was such a nice day, the humans said, that we needed to go exploring. I wasn’t sure what to expect. My very first time outdoors since I was found, almost a year ago.


It was interesting. I liked the warm sunlight but I wasn’t too sure about the openness of it all. Not enough places to hide and feel safe. Besides, we still don’t have any flowers and the trees don’t have any leaves yet.

Regardless, I did some exploring, and after about 10 minutes, I was ready to go back home.

The humans said we’re going to try again at a later day, when there are more things to look at and play with. And hopefully, Jay will join us too!

Is spring already there where you live?

A year ago today

I was born!


Or at least around that day, anyway. That’s what the nice lady vet said.

We’ll celebrate my Gotcha Day instead but I figured today was as good a day as any to check in and say hello.

We haven’t forgotten about all of you.

Both Jay and I are doing well.


We now have matching beds


We hang out together


I am big now even though I’m little when compared to my big bro. But I am still as adorable as before =^.^=

It will be Jay’s B-day (as calculated by his vet back when he adopted mom) in 4 days. Mom can’t remember his Gotcha Day. Silly mom. She says it was either end of May or beginning of June. Definitely before her birthday. Mom says Jay was very young but not as young as I was when she found me.

Either way, we’ll have a BIG Gotcha Day party next month!

I’m also sending a big happy B-Day headbutt to Milton the Cat, who was born on April 15. Purrs to you from all of us, Milton. So happy for you and momma Sadie!

Hope all you doggies and kitties (and humans) are  doing well. Sorry we haven’t been good neighbours for a while. Hug and purrs to all of you! I miss you all, especially auntie Savvy and uncle Sammy.

Murder Mystery

Or The Case of the Missing Treat Bags.

Mom and hu-sis were away – not this past weekend but the one before as you would know if you follow my brother Jay’s blog.

When they got back home, first thing they did was to go get the treats bags to give us a treat. They always do this whenever they are out.But this time around, the bags were not in their usual place on top of the fridge. Ooops.

Mom asked Jay about the bags. Jay said: “I didn’t have anything to do with it”. Gee, thanks bro!

Mom then asked me. I just stared at her with my big eyes trying to look as cute as possible.


Me? I’m just a sweet little kitten. Here, have a chocolate

Unfortunately, mom didn’t buy the cute approach and went to check my box of treasures. Darn.


Along with Mr. Monkey, tissue paper and other various toys… there they were, the treat bags. All murdered.


Jay’s treats


My treats

Um, I can explain mom. Er…..  um, a strong wind came and… and… they fell… *hangs head in shame* Yeah, I jumped on the fridge and got them.  I’m sorry.

Mom said, I guess I’ll have to find another place to store the treats. Then she gave me a hug and said she had missed me a lot.

And then she gave us some tuna!

Pheeew. That was a close one.

Happy Family Day, everyone! I love my family :)

Watching Cat TV

I don’t normally sit still for more than a few seconds. Mom says I have kitty ADHD.

But then – just this week, this happened:

I sat there on mom’s lap for about 10 minutes, watching cat videos on YouTube! I didn’t even blink. I just wanted to keep watching more and more kitties doing crazy stuff. It was fun!!!

Do you like to watch videos too?