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My favowite hidey-holes (this is for my uncle Sammy)

[Hi uncle Sammy]

Little Satchie loves to pway!

Sometimes I pway alone, sometimes I pway with mommy and daddy.

My favouwite game to pway alone is the wace car game. Little Satchie LOVES to wun around the coffee table, then to the bedwoom, and back to the living woom and awond the coffee table.

Little Satchie never gets tiwed or wunning!

But little Satchie also loves to hide so mommy and daddy made a few special places for me.

My Pillow Fowt


Daddy made this one. Can you see little Satchie?

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I’m a giwl!

I am not really suwe what that means but mommy and daddy say I’m a giwl and now they say “good giwl, Satchie” instead of “good boy”. Mommy says I’m her little miss Satchie too. I don’t know what that means but I like.

I don’t feel any diffewent. I still like to wun like a wace car awound the coffee table, and jump and chase things. But mommy and daddy seem to think it’s a good thing so I’m happy too.

I also like adventuwes.

Yestewday, mommy said we wewe going to visit big bwother Jay. I got weally happy and off we went mommy and I to the upper floor where big bwother Jay lives.


See how big I am now?

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A note from Satchmo’s human mom (and dad)

Hello everyone,

We thought it was easier if we told you directly as we don’t think little Satchie quite understands the difference… yet.

This is somewhat very embarrassing.

You see, as you may know, Satchmo was still very little when the little runt was found .  Very, very little.  When TFG decided to offer kitteh a forever home, he asked me if it was a boy or a girl.  I looked and said, I think it’s a boy but I could be wrong.  It is very hard to say at this age.

Since we didn’t want to keep calling “it” we took our chances and for no particular reason went for “boy”.  We had a 50% chance of being right -we thought, and may the odds be ever in our favour.

As it turned out, the odds we’re not in our favour and we got the other 50%.  In other words, Satchie is a girl, not a boy

Say what?

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Little Satchie is sad

Mommy came and gave little Satchie a big hug.  Mommy was doing that thing with her eyes again.  Then she told little Satchie that little Zoé didn’t make it.  Now little Satchie is sad.  I wanted to pway with little Zoé but now she’s gone to pway with other kitties over the rainbow bridge

Bye little Zoé.  Hope you get to be happy now.

PS: Zoé’s mommy still has to pay the hospital fees, so pwase help if you can

Can you help Zoé?

You may all know about little Zoé cause big bwother Jay bwogged about her on the weekend.

She was diagnosed with panleukopenia.  Wow.  That was a hard one.   I had to ask mommy for help typing that one.

Anyway, thewe awe other long difficult wowds little Satchie doesn’t undewstand.  But mommy says little Zoé may not even make it.  And mommy is now doing that thing with her eyes and she can’t help me type anymore.  You can hear little Zoé meow in the video.  And I keep thinking that could be little Satchie there at the hospital.

Can you help Zoé and her human mommy?



oh, little Zoe looks like little Satchie! Won’t you help her, please???!!!!
***Satchie makes the super-ultra cute face***

All That JazzCat!

Hello friends of the furry and non-furry kind.

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from the blogosphere lately.  If you follow the kid, you already know our human has been very busy and needed to borrow the laptop all the time.  Besides, it’s been so hot in our neck of the woods, it was getting very uncomfortable.  I could never move until the sun was down and then only to drink water and little bit of food.  Does it happen to you that when it gets too hot you lose your appetite?  I does to me.  All I want to do is drink water.

Anyway.  I want to ask you for your help.  Remember the Cats of Parliament Hill?

Well, Danny Taurozzi, one of the caregivers of the cat sanctuary, brought the case of Zoé to our attention.

Zoé is a 3 month old kitten from the Montreal area who…

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Mommy wants me to tell you all something

Hello all.

Mommy says she wants to apologize for mono…. monopol.. mono some thing the laptop. Mommy says work is cwazy wight now and she’s sowy little Satchie doesn’t get too much laptop time.

Besides, mommy was celebwating her biwthday yestewday so little Satchie helped daddy clean the place and get things waedy.


After cleaning, we got the accordion weady

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Satchie doesn’t undewstand

Satchie likes his fowever home vewy much!

Satchie can wun awond the coffee table, under daddy’s desk, onto the kitchen and then back to the coffee table again. Daddy says Satchie is a wace car.

Little Satchie’s legs are getting long and stwong so he can jump high now. Jump on to the couch instead of climbing. Daddy let’s satchie jump on the couch and the chairs and the bed.

But little Satchie doesn’t understand why he can’t jump on the coffee table. Satchie LOVES to jump fwom the couch, onto the coffee table and then on to the love seat (oh, so many names.. sometimes little Satchie has trouble wemembewing them all). Satchie loves that.

But daddy gets mad and he says that awful word. “NO”

Little Satchie knows he’s been a bad kitten when daddy says “NO”. So Satchie jumps down. But after a while, Satchie wants to jump on the table again.

Last night, while mommy and daddy where cuddling, little Satchie jumped on the table. But Satchie had been playing the wace car game and was tiwed and needed to west for a while. Finally daddy saw little Satchie and said that awful word and woke Satchie up.


Satchie looked at daddy…


and then looked at mommy…

And then thewe was silence.  Daddy just looked at little Satchie for a while and then said something little Satchie didn’t understand (something about cute eyes) but it wasn’t that word.

Then mommy laughed and lifted little Satchie and we all cuddled together.

Little Satchie still doens’t undewstand why he can’t go on the coffee table :(