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Dwiving Daddy Bonkews with My Cootness!

I just came fwom a visit with mommy and Jay. Mommy took some pictuwes so I hope we can see them soon! I had wots of fun!!!! I didn’t see daddy foh a while so aftew wubbing his beard and pwaying a bit, he said he had to get some work done on his waptup.

So, what does a cute kitteh like me do?

Daddy told me a joke he was wurking on. I don’t get it but I waffed so he didn’t feew bad.


See me take my paw and twy a Jedi mind twick on daddy. “Pet meeeeee!”


I’m a vewy good girl, you see! :)

All That JazzCat!

I learned through my good friend Texas, that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day.

My human was very excited when she learned about this and told me I must blog about Toby,  my Colombian brother.

I never met Toby but my human said she got him at the rescue shelter.  Nobody wanted him cause he was black.

She immediately fell in love with the little fella who was about 5 or 6 weeks or maybe older, no one knew exactly.  He had been found wandering on the streets -probably abandoned cause he was black, and was starving so he was probably smaller for his age.

Anyway, my human adopted him and he got to be a big, fierce-looking cat but the most kind of cats, says my human.  She tells me everybody said he looked like a black panther.

We don’t have a lot of pictures because that was a…

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Satchie is on the Twittew!

Hi, fwiends!

Guess what? My daddy signed me up for Twittew today! He says I was suwwounded by something called “nerds” for so long that it seems funny I would only start tweeting now. I know, right?

See, dat’s me tweeting! Or swapping the cursor, I don’t know which one…

If you have a Twittew, pwease follow me!!! I don’t know how to use it vewy well yet, I’m afwaid.


TV is Intewesting!

Daddy had the TV on last night. He usually doesn’t have it on for vewy wong but he was watching something called ‘stand up comedy’, but I don’t know what that means. I know what comedy is, I AM vewy funny, aftew all, but stand up? I’m funny when wying down, too! Anyway, I weally wiked the lights on the scween. I didn’t see any othew kittehs on it, though. Was kinda hoping too. Maybe daddy will wook for some wif me tonight!

It’s called a ‘Wii cuwsew’ and I want to pway wif it!

Home At Last

Yay for cats and kitten finding a fowevew home!

It makes little Satchie vewy happy


I wanted to let everyone know that Traveller the cat and her 3 kittens have all been lovingly adopted and the best part is, they left in pairs. (See post 7/11/12 Three Little Kittens)

Traveller and Joan of Arc now live with a lovely set of parents in Queens  while Sonny and Cher went to another young couple whose lives revolve around music. I can just see all 4 of them harmonizing their own rendition of ‘I Got You Babe.’                             I’m especially thrilled for Traveller since now she knows her little family are all beneath safe and warm roofs and she even gets to live with the one she was most concerned about.  How great is that and so Italian. If you remember, Joan of Arc was a bit of a rebel causing her mother constant anxiety. I’m glad to report she’s become a little more docile in…

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Big Bwother Jay is OK!

Little Satchie missed big bwother Jay a lot.

But while big bwother Jay was gone, little Satchie kept mommy company so she wouldn’t miss Jay too much.

Wanna pway with this stwing, mommy?

Good mommy!

What’s that? Mommy is tiwed? OK, let’s take a nap then…


When we woke up, it was time to bwing Jay home!

I was a good kitty and let big bwother Jay sleep like auntie Savvy told me.

But yestewday, Jay was feeling much better and we ate together and pwayed together.   I love big bwother Jay!

After a while, Jay got tiwed and wanted to take a nap

So I went to hang out with our human sister cause mommy said we needed to let him sleep.

Little Satchie was a vewy good giwl!