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Satchie’s latest adventuwe

Big Bwother Jay and I went together to see the vet yestewday.

Fiwst, mommy said we needed to go into our “cawiews”.  I didn’t know what that meant but then I saw mommy getting my fowt and that other thingy daddy bwought the other day.

I didn’t know why daddy bwought that thing home and I didn’t like the smell of it.

Mommy wanted me to go inside that thing and I didn’t like the idea too much but mommy had put a blankie inside and it had her scent so I went anyway.  Then mommy took my fowt and put big bowther Jay in it.  I wasn’t vewy happy about that either.  I wanted to pway with my fowt instead of being in this odd thingy and I used my voice to let mommy know I wasn’t vewy happy about the awangement.

Mommy said it’d be only for a while so I calmed down and off we went.

Big bwother Jay and I waiting for the taxi that would take us to the vet. Jay got the pwetty “cawier” and I got the not so pwetty one.

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Sleepy Me!

I like naps but they don’t last vewy long. I have too much pwaying to do!

Today I am napping in my favowite spot…until I find anothew one, of course!

I’m tiwed because I was pwaying with my big bwother Jay all night. Jay chased me awound, too! He likes me now!!!

I think we kept mommy up, though. Jay and I wan over daddy but he was fast asweep.

Maybe big bwother will ask me to come pway latew! I better west up for that adventuwe!

2 month-a-versary

Two months ago (May 17) and awound thins time of day too, mommy was sitting on her balcony when she heawd something.

She knew wight away what it was.  The call of a kitten in distwess.  That kitten was little Satchie.

It took mommy about 5 houws to locate me because evewy time mommy got close, I’d stop meowing.  Mommy knew I was thewe in that building but at fiwst she thought I was in the shed.  Mommy didn’t see the hole on the ground opening into the foundation.

Mommy called the Humane Society to ask for help but it was aftew-houws and got the voice mail.  Mommy didn’t give up and when she finally found the hole and got a glimpse of little Satchie, she went back to her home to get kitty food and water for me. Continue reading

Daddy Wuvs Me!

Fo the longest time, daddy didn’t let me on his desk. All those books (whatever those awe?) and papews (he says it’s his music but I dunno what dat is…to me it’s toys!) awe important and he even spwayed me with water to keep me off.

BUT LITTLE SATCHIE IS SO CUTE! Why would daddy not want me awound him when he is woWking? He says he needs inspiwation…hewe I am!!!

A few days ago, daddy was working and I decided to pway up the cute and now he Lets me be wif him on the desk!

Fiwst, I had to tell the water bottle who is boss! ME!

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Little Satchie’s BIG adventuwe (2)

Let me stawt by saying this:


I didn’t know this.  He leaves in another continent, said mommy.  But human big bwother is visiting us this week, so we’ve been busy pwaying with him.  That is why little Satchie hasn’t been visiting with all of you lately.  Little Satchie misses you all!

But for now, the west of the stowy.

[Mommy wants me to tell you it is the fiwst time she makes a video and she apol… apolog… something for it.  I don’t know what she means by that]

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Satchie Loves to Pway With Toys!

I love to pway! When me am at daddy’s pwace, I have many toys that mommy and daddy make fo me. But I am a lucky kitten because I also have a home upstaiws where mommy, my human sister and big bwother Jay lives and they have many toys as well!

Tonight mommy was feeling bad because her foot was huwting so daddy bwought me to visit her and help her smile.  Satchie is good at that!

Mommy and daddy made a video of how pwayful I am and what a good giwl I am, too! See….

I hope my bwother Jay will pway with me soon. I luv him, too!

Byeeeee for now, my fwiends! I am going to pway the twumpet now!