Hide & Seek

I love to play with my brother Jay!

My favourite game is Tag but I also like Hide & Seek. We were playing that today


Ready or not, here I come!


I wonder where he is…


I think I know…


There you are!!!


Now it’s your time to find me!

What kind of games do you play?

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  1. I usually play chase and bitey-face with Raffles.
    In the park we play chase, tag and hide and seek in amongst the trees. Cassie, Raffy’s friend, is a great hider and she disappears into the centre of the trees with the rest of us hanging about waiting to see which bush she’s going to emerge from. Great anticipation.

  2. Hide and seek is fun I agree Satchie! I play with my Mom. I’ll go somewhere and call her and she has to find me – when she gets close I leap out and grab her ankle. Tee Hee. Hide and seek is FUN! Looks like you and Jay have a great time together…..

    Kitty Hugs, Uncle Sammy

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