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Remember I like to watch kitty videos on YouTube? Well, I found this one. Mom says it is an old one but it’s the first time I see it and I love it! And they even look a bit like me when I was a baby.

But wait. There’s more!

Whack-A-Kitty The Sequel!



So excited about this Christmas thingy!

Mom came home with this today:


She said it’s called a stocking and that on Christmas eve – If I’ve been a good girl, Santa Paws will fill it with toys and treats just for me!!!

Big bro says Christmas is great cause there’s yummy food and presents and treats and something called a Christmas tree with lots of ornaments (whatever those are). Then he starts chuckling but he won’t tell me why. Jay also says there’s snow but he doesn’t like it because it’s too cold. Mom says she loves snow so I don’t know what to think. I’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

Then, auntie Savvy told me I can write a letter to Santa Paws to tell him what I want for Christmas! And I can send that letter to Rumpy Dog and he’ll make sure Santa gets it. But Rumpy calls him Santa Dog, so I am wondering… Will Santa Dog still bring presents to a kitten like me? I hope so!

I can’t wait for Christmas. I’ve been a very good girl (but please don’t ask big brother Jay).


Here I am, being a good girl, making sure mom is safe even if I’m sleeping

Satchie is on the Twittew!

Hi, fwiends!

Guess what? My daddy signed me up for Twittew today! He says I was suwwounded by something called “nerds” for so long that it seems funny I would only start tweeting now. I know, right?

See, dat’s me tweeting! Or swapping the cursor, I don’t know which one…

If you have a Twittew, pwease follow me!!! I don’t know how to use it vewy well yet, I’m afwaid.


TV is Intewesting!

Daddy had the TV on last night. He usually doesn’t have it on for vewy wong but he was watching something called ‘stand up comedy’, but I don’t know what that means. I know what comedy is, I AM vewy funny, aftew all, but stand up? I’m funny when wying down, too! Anyway, I weally wiked the lights on the scween. I didn’t see any othew kittehs on it, though. Was kinda hoping too. Maybe daddy will wook for some wif me tonight!

It’s called a ‘Wii cuwsew’ and I want to pway wif it!