Watching Cat TV

I don’t normally sit still for more than a few seconds. Mom says I have kitty ADHD.

But then – just this week, this happened:

I sat there on mom’s lap for about 10 minutes, watching cat videos on YouTube! I didn’t even blink. I just wanted to keep watching more and more kitties doing crazy stuff. It was fun!!!

Do you like to watch videos too?

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  1. *mow* ten minutes MOL I dont like watching cat videos but huMum does, what makes me jealous. She has me to watch! Other way round watching huMum is better than any video *cheeky grin*

  2. Hi Satchie! Sadly my Mom’s computer is a bazillion years old and we have dial-up which means NO VIDEOS….however I watch people TV and think it’s pretty hilarious too!

    Have fun kiddo………
    Kitty hugs, Uncle Sammy

    • Hello uncle Sammy!!!!

      TV is fun too. Sometimes when the humans are watching movies I take breaks from running and I try to catch whatever is moving there. It’s fun! But they don’t turn the TV on here that much

      Hugs back! Purrs

    • It’s the only way I’ll sit on mom’s lap. And I don’t stay put for too long. That’s why mom was so amused this time around I stayed for so long MOL

  3. My favorite is watching bird, or maybe fish, birds, fish, hmmm me is going to has to think about this longer……

  4. I always watch peep TV with Mom and Dad at night. I also like to view my special videos once in a while with lots of birds and squirrels. Ummm Satchie, can I ask why Jay doesn’t post anymore? I miss my furriend. Paw pats, Savannah

    • oh I love to watch the squirrels and birds from the balcony! But right now it’s too cold so we don’t go out that much.

      Oh, Jay… he’s been writing a post for a long while. It is something that makes him sad so I guess he’s taking his time

    • MOL I bet.

      But they must have doggie videos too! I remember one of a doggie that looks like you and seems to talk like humans

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