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Hide & Seek

I love to play with my brother Jay!

My favourite game is Tag but I also like Hide & Seek. We were playing that today


Ready or not, here I come!


I wonder where he is…


I think I know…


There you are!!!


Now it’s your time to find me!

What kind of games do you play?

Satchie Loves to Pway With Toys!

I love to pway! When me am at daddy’s pwace, I have many toys that mommy and daddy make fo me. But I am a lucky kitten because I also have a home upstaiws where mommy, my human sister and big bwother Jay lives and they have many toys as well!

Tonight mommy was feeling bad because her foot was huwting so daddy bwought me to visit her and help her smile.  Satchie is good at that!

Mommy and daddy made a video of how pwayful I am and what a good giwl I am, too! See….

I hope my bwother Jay will pway with me soon. I luv him, too!

Byeeeee for now, my fwiends! I am going to pway the twumpet now!