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Murder Mystery

Or The Case of the Missing Treat Bags.

Mom and hu-sis were away – not this past weekend but the one before as you would know if you follow my brother Jay’s blog.

When they got back home, first thing they did was to go get the treats bags to give us a treat. They always do this whenever they are out.But this time around, the bags were not in their usual place on top of the fridge. Ooops.

Mom asked Jay about the bags. Jay said: “I didn’t have anything to do with it”. Gee, thanks bro!

Mom then asked me. I just stared at her with my big eyes trying to look as cute as possible.


Me? I’m just a sweet little kitten. Here, have a chocolate

Unfortunately, mom didn’t buy the cute approach and went to check my box of treasures. Darn.


Along with Mr. Monkey, tissue paper and other various toys… there they were, the treat bags. All murdered.


Jay’s treats


My treats

Um, I can explain mom. Er…..  um, a strong wind came and… and… they fell… *hangs head in shame* Yeah, I jumped on the fridge and got them.  I’m sorry.

Mom said, I guess I’ll have to find another place to store the treats. Then she gave me a hug and said she had missed me a lot.

And then she gave us some tuna!

Pheeew. That was a close one.

Happy Family Day, everyone! I love my family :)